Did You Hear Something...?

TK wrote an essay on their childhood and adolescence during the resurgence of the Satanic Panic for the inaugural episode of Lysa Penrose's Behold Her Podcast, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of women, femme, and non-binary creatives in the world of Tabletop RPGs. The Essay is read here by Noel Shiri.

TK was by interviewed by James Introcaso about their experiences as a roleplayer, writer, and editor in the tabletop community.

Tabletop Voices is a podcast in the Don't Split the Podcast network, and sponsored by Encounter Roleplay on their Twitch Channel.

TK was by interviewed by POC in TTRPGs at D&D Live: The Descent about horror, Jace Beleren, and Tales From the Mists.

Lysa Penrose and Greg Tito of Dragon Talk chat with TK about their history with D&D, moderating the Twitch channel, and how cooperative storytelling can be so fun. 

D&D Beyond interviewed the cast of Tales From the Mists at PAX West to get their take on Gothic Horror in Dungeons & Dragons and updating classic adventures and settings for modern parties.

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