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Favorite Villain: Jon Irenicus (Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn)

D&December, 2017

He did not like surprises.

In the most perfect of plans set in the bleak, black bowels of his laboratory, he would have all the time in the world---he'd HAD all the time in the world. Now he had only mere moments melting from fitful sleep to anguished wakefulness, the sorrowful suffering in the seconds that his skilled hands sought answers beneath their flesh, behind their skin, and all the endless effort that yielded naught.

 Forever was his once---or so he cursed with every miserable failure, every pathetic corpse that sagged beneath with the weight of futility---it could be again.

If only it could be so simple, so satisfying as sparks and silver and pools of blood beneath the iron cages. Even now, up to his elbows in gore and glory, there was a streak of worry that struck deep in his bones, a stitch of distress that tugged at his being and threatened to unravel him. Something was wrong here, was outside his predictions…

What could it be…?

Rustling behind his right shoulder roused him and he turned to face his captive, slow and sure, strong and stoic. His long fingers lingered lovingly along the silver handle of a freshly sharpened scalpel.

"Ah, the Child of Bhaal has awoken."

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