Why, Dearest, You Look As Though You've Seen A Ghost



Wednesday afternoons at 12:00 PM EST, TK plays the incredibly angry murder-goblin, Taq, on Roll20 Presents Ravnica: Jace Beleren Must Die with Carlos Luna, Masood Haque, Katie Mae, and Adam Koebel on the D&D Twitch and YouTube Channel.


TK plays Larimar the Water Genasi Warlock in Adventures in the Poisoned Sea, a Dark Sun/Ghosts of Saltmarsh-inspired campaign with Lindy, Grant Ellis, Ana B, Josh Davis, and Jim Davis every Thursday (7:00 PM EST) on WebDM's Twitch and YouTube channels.


Friday evenings (9:00 PM EST) on the D&D Twitch and Youtube Channels, TK DMs Tales From the Mists, leading Lysa Penrose, Kayla Cline, Hadeel al-Massari, and Ashley Warren, along with mysterious guests, through the Domains of Dread more famously known as Ravenloft.


TK appeared as a guest in Lost Girls, a Cypher-system paranormal podcast on the Encounter Roleplay network. They portrayed Tatum, a manipulative arachnia biker with a grudge, in the episodes Hunger, In the Dark, and Consequences.

TK appeared as a guest in Redemption, a Star Wars actual-play podcast on Don't Split the Podcast's podcast network. They portrayed Master Aikkata in the episode An Accounting.

TK played Ikki the Lizardfolk Beastmaster Ranger/Circle of the Shepherd Druid in The Land Between Two Rivers, a Dark Sun-inspired campaign with Lindy, Grant Ellis, Ana B, Josh Davis, and Jim Davis every Thursday (7:00 PM EST) on WebDM's Twitch and YouTube channels.

TK played the perfect mother-in-law and half-orc Battlemaster, Esobel Half-back, with Rudy Basso, Lauren Urban, Robert Adducci, and James Introcaso in The Demonplague on Don't Split the Podcast's Twitch channel and podcast network.

TK played Ensign Amat Vall, the severely underprepared fight controller for the USS Reliant on Modiphius's Star Trek: Perfection's Shadow with Grimjack21502, ThatSaltyGinger, Cempestre, and Alice Cleaver on the Scratticus Academy Twitch Channel. View the Playlist here.

TK updated their weekly articles on Tabletop-Test.com from September 2018 to March 2019.


TK played Babylon, an Established Empath of the Order of Weavers Who Shepherds Minds in the Invisible Sun narrative Unearthly Twilights by Grant Ellis with Kelli Butler, Jordan Shiveley, Jim Davis, and Jonathon Pruitt on WebDM's Twitch and YouTube channels. View the Playlist here.

TK dealt justice as The High and Honorable Lord Gillebertus Charax Tannonbay of the Karna Tannonbays in an all-tiefling party on Hell's Belles with Kayla Cline, Chloe Skowron, Lysa Penrose, Shauna Nakasone, Hadeel al-Massari, Holly Conrad, and Dungeon Master Mazzmatazz on the D&D Twitch and Youtube Channels. View the Playlist here.

TK saved Christmas and Valentine's Day as Sorel Dalleruck with ScarletMoth, Noel Shiri, Lysa Penrose, and Mazzmatazz on Mazz's Youtube Channel

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